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Simply put, praise and worship should be sweet and simple. So having easy melodies with as few words as possible should be what we strive for as we choose and write our worship music. The worship leader has a lot on his plate. He must follow what God wants to do, honor the leadership of the pastor, and lead the musicians as well as the congregation in worship.

I lead worship in the youth services in our church as well as in one of the adult services in which my dad ministers. That means he should never close his eyes for long periods of time in public worship. Are you going to let me preach today? I have a great father, who taught me how to honor the Holy Spirit as well as the pastor.

The Bible teaches that we are to honor those who are in authority over us see Hebrews I choose to submit to the authority given to the man or woman of God in charge of the service. Unfortunately, churches often split because the pastor and the worship leader see things so differently.

Yes, the song may be anointed, but if the worship leader goes against the wishes of the pastor and sings it anyway, it will no longer be anointed because it is sung in an act of rebellion. One of the issues that all musicians must deal with is pride. Satan, a God-gifted musician himself, was kicked out of Heaven because he thought he could be greater than God.

The root of sin is pride. And the attitude that says, I know better than you is rebellion.


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The Bible is crystal clear when it comes to this subject. We are to humble ourselves before God, and in due to time, He will lift us up see James If we stick with the way God has set up the principle of submission and authority, we will always end up on the top. We must honor God, and we must honor our pastor and the authority figures in our lives. This kind of attitude positions us for favor and promotion.

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As we humble ourselves under God — and under the authority figures in our lives — He will lift us up. There are many obstacles that can hinder our progress, but the biggest one we must deal with is sin.

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Sin is a blockade Satan uses to try to get you off-track and keep you from reaching your God-given destiny. Sin can bring feelings of condemnation and can prevent you from experiencing the love God has for you. Receive correction from the Holy Spirit, have a penitent heart, and push forward. Guard your heart Proverbs Give it completely to Jesus. Read your Bible, pray continually, and make God your top priority — you will never go wrong if you do these things! Worship Leader magazine. Scripture: Mark If you have been a pastor for any amount of time, something like this has most likely happened to you:.

After finishing a powerful and moving discourse on the joy of the Lord, you wait expectantly for the worship leader to guide the congregation in a suitable musical response, a song filled with celebration. Or conversely, you pour your heart into telling your congregation that grief and sorrow need to be expressed, that they have permission to be real with God, and your worship team follows your sermon with the slickest, sweetest, most in-denial pop-fest you have ever heard.

As a pastor, you have to do and be aware of so many things, but one of the most important is shepherding key elements in the service and the humans connected to them. As a result, a key imperative is establishing a meaningful relationship with your worship leader and team. You might have simple or complex spheres of authority. You might stand shoulder to shoulder as pastor with a worship pastor, or the worship pastor might answer to you.

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Whatever your situation, the relationship is critical. Before we even arrive at guidelines for transforming and meaningful worship, we need to establish that Jesus, as our lead worshipper, constantly pointed to the Father and not to Himself. Perhaps in our entertainment-soaked culture, this is one of the most difficult issues for those who lead congregational singing today.

Who exactly are we following, and what can we as individuals and a worship family learn from Him? How does He define the functions of a worship leader? Christ is our exemplar here. Above all, He mediated the presence of God. He led in praying and answering questions about prayer. In addition to His example in Scripture and our ongoing relationship with Him, Jesus left us with the Holy Spirit to not only reveal the heart of God to us, but also to grow the heart of God in us.

The Father, Son, and Holy Spirit are an ongoing demonstration of mutual love and teach us the power of relationship. Get to know each other. Working together is never easy, since there are bound to be areas of difference, maybe even conflict. But the example of the triune God teaches us to support and honor each other, not compete.

When your teammate does well, you are not diminished but enriched. The Spirit of God dwells in and among us to help us work well together.

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Establish spheres of responsibility. Growing out of this relationship will be a clear idea of what each person is called to, good at, and committed to doing. Plan and evaluate services together. Be sure each of you understands the flow and sequence of service elements, singing, etc. Have a planning and evaluation checklist for each service.

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Both planning and post-service evaluation can be part of growing your relationship with your worship leader and your team, particularly when it comes from a motive of serving each other and the congregation and not a search for someone to blame. Reflect, clear the air, and lighten up. This is just as possible in a congregation based around the church calendar as it is in a conservative, evangelical, mainline denominational, charismatic, or Pentecostal church.

Many of our rituals are unwritten, but just as immovable, regardless of our faith tradition. Remember when Jesus healed the woman in the synagogue church service in Luke 13 and on another occasion a man with a shriveled hand Matthew, Mark and Luke? The leadership was scandalized. Be open to fresh inspiration and creativity from the Spirit. Keep your congregation in the loop.

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And it is important for you and your worship pastor to engage with them on the subject of worship in myriad ways, through sermons, teachings, Bible studies, use of film, dance, and various visual arts, special worship gatherings, and more. Keep the main thing the main thing. Our congregations? Topics that pastors preach do we work with them or we seat back and criticize, and you have the time and go to google search and see if those topics has been preached by some one.

I agree. That should be enough validation. If I had messages that others around the globe were re-preaching I would feel so honored that the messages gained new feet and my effort was blessing so many more than just my congregation. What an honor!