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Week 1 Wooldridge, chapter 1 Introduction to the Course Presentation of the Available materials Clear Statement of Expected Mutual Requirements Properties of data sets: surveys cross-section ; time-series; panel Exploratory analysis: trends, seasonality; outliers Basic inference: properties of estimators. Week 2 Wooldridge, chapters Basic inference: test of hypothesis Matrix algebra: transposition, product, inverse, etc. The R-square statistics. Week 5 Enders, chapters , 4 Stochastic processes.

Stationarity Test for unit roots. Week 9 Enders, chapters 6 Error correction models General-to-specific methodology. Week 10 Enders, chapters 6 General-to-specific methodology Model specification. All students are expected to spend at least 2,5 hours of time on academic studies outside of, and in addition to, each hour of class time.

The instructor will use two criteria for assessing your work. Any questions about the requirements should be discussed directly with your faculty well in advance of the due date for each assignment. If you cannot attend classes your participation can be shown by interacting with your instructor during office hours, i. Final Exam: Students will be required to submit a short paper on one assigned topic.

Students will need to discuss their paper at the exam, to show they have fully grasped each step of the procedure required to complete the assignment. In order to pass, students need to show their comprehension of all of the aspects of their work i. Professionalism and communications: As a student, you are expected to maintain a professional, respectful and conscientious manner in the classroom with your instructors and fellow peers.

You are expected to take your academic work seriously and engage actively in your classes..


Advance preparation, completing your assignments, showing a focused and respectful attitude is expected of all students. Simply showing up for class or meeting minimum outlined criteria will not earn you a good grade in this course. Utilizing communications, properly addressing your faculty and staff, asking questions and expressing your views respectfully demonstrate your professionalism and cultural sensitivity.

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Attendance and Classroom behavior: Although attendance is not compulsory, it is highly recommended. All students must have a respectful attitude towards the professor as well as the classmates. The LSE Department of Economics is one of the biggest and best in the world, with expertise across the full spectrum of mainstream economics. A long-standing commitment to remaining at the cutting edge of developments in the field has ensured the lasting impact of its work on the discipline as a whole.

Almost every major intellectual development within Economics over the past fifty years has had input from members of the department, which counts ten Nobel Prize winners among its current and former staff and students. Alumni are employed in a wide range of national and international organisations, in government, international institutions, business and finance. The Department of Economics is a leading research department, consistently ranked in the top 20 economics departments worldwide.

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This is reflected in the Research Assessment Exercise which recognised the Department's outstanding contribution to the field. A further 33 per cent was designated 'internationally excellent' 3 star.

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Search Go. Lectures are complemented with computing exercises using real data in R or Stata. Closed for applications. Randomized control trials Regression discontinuity design. Regression kink design Post-estimations diagnostics Goodness of fit, Tests for functional form, tests for normality of errors, Leverage, influential observations and test for outliers , quantile regression and Quantile treatment effects Panel data models static and dynamic Discrete response models.

Machine learning classification methods. Demonstrate a solid grounding in recent developments in applied micro-econometrics, including state-of-the art methods of applied econometric analysis and their suitability to answer important economic questions. Download our UQ guides for more information on programs, events, scholarships, upcoming important dates and much more.

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Why study the Master of Applied Econometrics The Master of Applied Econometrics is designed to strengthen and extend knowledge in the area of econometrics of students with an introductory level of economics knowledge gained from undergraduate study. Summary Program code. Semester 1 24 Feb, Semester 2 27 Jul, Postgraduate Coursework.


Level 9. Visa requirements International students who are accepted into full-time study in the Master of Applied Econometrics are eligible to apply for an Australian student visa. Learn more about entry requirements.


Program structure Courses The courses offered in the Master of Applied Econometrics are set out in the course list. Further study options Graduates of the Master of Applied Econometrics have the opportunity to progress into the following programs: Master of Advanced Economics Doctor of Philosophy. Programs and Courses If you're a current student who has already commenced study at UQ, refer to Programs and Courses in my.

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