As the Leaves Turn Gold: Asian Americans and Experiences of Aging

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ISBN As the Leaves Turn Gold examines the challenges and opportunities around aging for Asian American wo The book looks at a range of Asian Americans—affluent and poor, third-generation natives and recent immigrants, political exiles and recent migrants, people who immigrated early in life and those who immigrated late in life—and features interview excerpts that bring these issues to life.

The book shows how the life courses of individuals, including discrimination they may have faced in earlier years, can shape their golden years. Barret is the author of the forthcoming text Degendering Leadership in Higher Education September to be published by Emerald Publishing. Barret currently resides in South Glastonbury, Connecticut. Her research examines how racial and gender inequality persist in professional occupations. She co-edited Women and Education in Sub-Saharan Africa: Power, Opportunities, and Constraints and has published book chapters and articles in various feminist and other scholarly journals.

Columbia College, Columbia University; Ph. Her research falls in two areas: on immigration from Mexico and Central America to the United States and on the intersection between the process of homemaking, belonging and migration. She is a recipient of an Andrew W.

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Born and raised in Argentina, Roberta has been committed to actively work for justice within and across geographical and social borders. Her background in political science and international relations, together with her expertise in Latin America and Latin American immigrants, has shaped her transnational sociological perspective distinctively.

Christin L. Munsch is an Assistant Professor of Sociology at the University of Connecticut and an expert on gender, work, and family. She has a Ph. Jax J. As a first-generation college student and queer activist interested in personal identity at the intersection of education, embodiment, and health; their research project came about as a concern with examining how adolescents are socialized in the classroom to understand their bodies. Their masters research continued their undergraduate work with Dr.

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Her areas of research include gender, sexuality, the family, religion, and the state. She is currently completing a comparative project on government regulation of polygamy that has been funded through The Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada Standard Research Grant and Insight Grant. As the Leaves Turn Gold offers a nuanced, fine-grained and engrossing analysis of Asian American experiences of aging.

This is an important volume that provides many critical insights into the dynamics of aging, immigration, and social inequality.

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Drawing upon an intersectional analysis and cumulative disadvantage over the life course, the authors of this volume provide important sociological insights on the complexity of Asian American experiences of aging. Anchor stories, interviews and translated accounts combined with careful analysis lend to a nuanced and truly deep understanding of the economic, political, social, and cultural factors that shape contemporary aging experience of Asian Americans.

It provides much needed analysis regarding shifting notions of 'family' and 'care' traversing multiple generations, and compels us to pay close attention to how elderly immigrant populations negotiate access and citizenship, and reconfigure kin and social networks.

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An outstanding contribution to the fields of Asian American, and American studies! It's most valuable contribution is the integration of intersectional and transnational frameworks to provide a contextualized, historically grounded and comprehensive analysis of Asian American experiences of aging.

In this book, they give voice to the diversity of this group of people, exploring how ethnic background, class, gender, migration status, and other factors affect the experiences, perspectives and needs of its various members. In doing so, they shed light on stories that are both uniquely Asian and quintessentially American.

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Bandana Purkayastha is professor of sociology and Asian American studies at the University of Connecticut. Shweta Majumdar Adur is a Ph. She holds a Masters in international development from the University of Pittsburgh and a graduate certificate in Asian studies and a masters in sociology from Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi. Miho Iwata is an advanced graduate student in sociology at the University of Connecticut with a graduate certificate in women's studies. Ranita Ray is an advanced graduate student in sociology at the University of Connecticut.