Corporate Psychopaths: Organizational Destroyers

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Citations: Scopus - 14 Web of Science - Citations: Scopus - 57 Web of Science - Citations: Web of Science - 4. Citations: Scopus - 4 Web of Science - 5. Citations: Scopus - 5 Web of Science - 4. Citations: Scopus - 27 Web of Science - Citations: Scopus - 46 Web of Science - Citations: Scopus - 17 Web of Science - Clive is currently looking for research students who want to investigate in the area of toxic and psychopathic leadership.

Passed with minor amendments, 9th June Nottingham Business School, A number of research groups around the world are conducting research based on my measures of corporate psychopathy.

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One of these researchers has completed his doctorate. Malovany, E. Blowing the lid on corporate psychopaths Bullying. Corporate Psychopathy within Australia His focus on Australian businesses also led him to discover that while most employees witnessed or experienced bullying on nine occasions throughout the course of a year, those under the management of a corporate psychopath experienced bullying on an average of sixty-four instances in a year.

Bringing the issue to life Using the findings of this research, Boddy has been able to assist employees within organisations affected by corporate psychopaths. Biography Clive has worked in commercial and academic research through all of his adult life and he holds professional as well as academic qualifications in research, including an MA by research, a DBA and a PhD.

Administrative expertise Clive has been the Managing Director, President and Main Board Director of market research companies in Taiwan, South Korea, Asia-Pacific and the UK and so has a wealth of man-management experience and of supervising many hundreds of research projects from inception to completion.

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Publisher: Palgrave , This specific ISBN edition is currently not available. View all copies of this ISBN edition:. Synopsis About this title Corporate Psychopaths Psychopaths are little understood outside of the criminal image. Product Description : Psychopaths are little understood outside of the criminal image.

Book Description : Psychopaths who work within organisations cause bullying and conflict, rises in organisational withdrawal behaviour, lower job satisfaction and lower levels of corporate social responsibility "About this title" may belong to another edition of this title.

Corporate psychopaths deconstructed

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New Hardcover Quantity Available: I prefer something more subtle. You need to watch I am Fishead. You would like it. It speaks directly to the corporate culture that has brought us the Wall Street protests. Babiak and Hare are both in it.

I almost forgot that I learned about it at a movie theater. I thought I read about it here. It is mentioned here, but not lately. It was released last month in NY and somewhere else. You can see it on the internet. Do a google query and you will find the site. Less than 10 people showed up and about 6 of them had walked out and left before it was through.

My boss asked me later if others showed up after she left.

Are corporate psychopaths really successful?

I told her that the people walked out. The broadcast was chilling. The owner said they weren't that interested in selling actual products, for which the company is famous. We couldn't see him, but the tone of his voice was like he was literally shrugging and he couldn't have been more disinterested. His voice changed and sounded greedy when he talked about tapping into the service industries, where there are double-digit profits.

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I was astonished by his arrogance. He was talking to the executives. It was almost as if we little people weren't there listening. We are so expendable. The statistic sampling was done in large corporations in Australia.

Corporate Psychopaths: Organizational Destroyers

There is lots of explaining how the numbers reflect conclusions and hypothesis. Add to this the in-line citations and I'm having a slow go of it. There is talk of what makes a corporate p as opposed to a criminal p. A hypothesis that nurture will differentiate between the two is presented. I think more statistics could determine this but as they continue to point out in the book there has not been much investigation into corporate p's.

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Boddy finds that in large corporations there are larger concentrations of p's than in the normal population. He also finds that a greater amount of bullying and general workplace dissatisfaction is found where p's are present. Statistics were gathered using questions that gauged employee satisfaction with management and on the job.

I recognized many of these questions from employee surveys I have seen in a variety of organizations. It seems like employees have been reporting this forever but it is just now being recognized and understood.