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Detroit Strong The Motor City has always been known for being a place where Americans do great things. Gunsmithing In addition to custom builds, Motor City also offers great prices on good 'ol fashioned Gunsmithing.

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Learn More. Our Blog This blog could have great tips, custom projects, or ramblings of a man in his underwear.

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Contact Us. Muller adds that her local school system uses the ALICE training , a program that businesses may also employ. Making it explicitly clear to all employees that guns are not allowed on the workplace premise may seem like a no-brainer, but there are states that allow people to carry firearms into the office. Croushore says.


Communication is key. Communication is, of course, a two-way street.

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  4. A crazy thing happens when this man tries to shoot himself underwater.
  5. A crazy thing happens when this man tries to shoot himself underwater.

Not only do CEOs need to express their seriousness in this matter, they need to engage employees in providing feedback and new ideas. One great way to do this, Croushore finds, is to distribute an anonymous survey to all. Are there other actions to be taken?

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There are often grumblings, even on social media , about concerns over another employee. If you have a firearm to sell we gladly offer consignment services. Before you purchase a gun on-line give us a chance to give you a quote.

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  • We can have special orders within 2 to 3 days. If you purchase a gun on-line or need to ship a gun we will handle your FFL transfer. We also have one of the best gun appraisers in the business and are glad to provide occasional un-written appraisals FREE of charge.

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    Our fee for written appraisals is determined by a number of factors so come in and tell us what you need.