Kenya: A History Since Independence

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Since independence from Great Britain in , Kenya has survived five decades as a functioning nation-state, holding regular elections; its borders and political system intact and avoiding open war with its neighbours and military rule internally. It has been a favoured site for Western aid, trade, investment and tourism and has remained a close security partner for Western governments. Today, Kenyans are arguing over many of the issues that divided them 50 years ago. The new constitution promulgated in provides an opportunity for national renewal, but it must confront a heavy legacy of history. Kenyans were allowed to be elected to the Legislative Council beginning in With nationalist movements sweeping across the continent and with Britain no longer financially or militarily capable of sustaining its empire, the British government and representatives from the Kenyan independence movement met in to negotiate independence.

Scars of Memory and Scales of Justice

The agreement called for a seat Legislative Council, with 33 seats reserved for black Kenyans and 20 for other ethnic groups. Fighting with ethnic Somali rebels in the north continued from the time of independence until , and Kenyatta instituted one-party rule, leading a corrupt and autocratic government until his death in Questions about the fairness of its elections continue to plague the country, which instituted a new constitution in But if you see something that doesn't look right, click here to contact us!

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He completed his D. Antony's College, Oxford in , and has since combined a professional career in information technology with a deep engagement with Kenya.

He has published several articles on Kenyan politics and co-authored with David Throup the influential Multi-Party Politics in Kenya He has been a journalist or election observer during most of Kenya's recent elections and lived and worked in Ghana in —8 and Kenya in — He currently lives in Malaysia.