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I compiled some of my favorite vampire tales as an alternative to reading about sparkly monsters and damsels-in-distress. Go ahead: put a stake through Twilight and try one of these novels instead. You can't go wrong with a classic.

Louis, a year-old vampire, tells a human reporter how he came to be a member of the undead. The novel looks at his creation at the hands of the murderous and manipulative Lestat, The two travel together for years, even creating a vampire "daughter," Claudia, to complete their family, but after Claudia attempts to kill Lestat, she and Louis flee to Europe.

There, they encounter a number of older vampires who kill their victims in elaborate, theatrical productions in front of a live human audience. Eventually Lestat finds them again, determined to punish Louis and Claudia for their betrayal in his defense, they did try to kill him twice.

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This novel spawned a ton of sequels AND a movie with Brad Pitt in it, so it's probably worth checking out. Click here to buy. This is probably the last vampire novel that I got really, really excited about. The Quick is a tricky vampire story , because for at least the first third of the novel it masquerades as a Victorian homoerotic novel which I can also totally get behind. Then BAM! When Charlotte's brother James disappears after getting involved with a secret London society, she decides that it's up to her to find him. Unfortunately, this society is more powerful and undead then she realized.

With the help of two unlikely but deadly assassins and a cast of characters featuring a rival vampire gang, this novel will fulfill all of the Victorian era vampire fantasies you didn't know you had. If your interests run more towards hot vampires and forbidden love affairs, you probably want to take your business elsewhere. This is Stephen King we're talking about, and Stephen King doesn't write swoon-worthy vampiric heroes. Ben Mears, a writer, returns to his childhood home, Jersualem's Lot, Maine.

Once there, he learns that the creepy abandoned house that he avoided as a child has a new tenant, which does not bode well for those in 'Salem's Lot that want to keep living.

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There's nothing suave or brooding about Kurt Barlow; he's a terrifying monster with a taste for children, priests, and everything in between. Mears and a ragtag group of townspeople team up to try to stop the undead, but even if they manage to get rid of Barlow, what are they going to do about the vampire army he's created in the town? Sorry readers, but the first rays of dawn aren't going to do much to save our heroes, so prepare for a somewhat bleak ending. Two words: vampire librarian. This is pretty much what I aspire to be when I grow up. To attempt to sum up a fairly long and convuluted plot: our unnamed narrator stumbles across a book about Vlad Tepes, aka Vlad the Impaler, aka Dracula.

The narrator's father, Paul, an academic, reveals that he came across the same book as a grad student, only to have his academic advisor murdered shortly after sharing his discovery with him. Paul is convinced that the death is linked to Dracula, a suspicion that's confirmed when a librarian attacks and bites Helen, his adivsor's daughter, when he tries to speak with her about the book. Paul and Helen then decide to find Dracula's tomb and confront the monster, a quest that carries over into the present day and merges with our narrator's storyline. This s classic is one of the original vampire novels that set off the trend, but is often overshadowed by Dracula.

Best Teen Vampire Fiction ( books)

In this gothic tale, seduction of the forbidden and the bounds of societal mores are explored as the young woman Carmilla is seduced by a female vampire. Domingo is just a kid scraping by on the streets of Mexico City when a descendant of the Aztec blood drinkers, the beautiful Ati, closes in on him, and he falls for her head over heels. Unfortunately, Ati gets by feasting on the young. But even more pressing right now, she has to get to South America to escape the rival narco-vampire clan. Slave Luna seeks out a witch for help after her abusive master impregnates her, determined to do whatever is necessary to end it.

But after, she is abducted by a monster with a lust for blood. Luna is sure her life is over, but instead finds a tormented creature who reawakens her humanity in this first novel of the Darkling Trilogy. Vampires and slayers are at war in Caldwell, New York. Six brother vampire warriors—the Black Dagger Brotherhood. All love to kill, but Wrath brings the thirst for blood to a new level in his determination for vengeance against the slayer who murdered his parents. Meanwhile, one of his warriors is killed, and his half-breed daughter is brought into the world of the undead and its many pleasures.

The novel that started the True Blood craze.

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But when people start turning up dead and a gang of violent vampires start seeking out Bill, it seems dating a vampire has different kinds of challenges. A Cambridge professor has been murdered. Andrea Hendrickson receives a parcel full of letters a century old, and the secret her friend died trying to protect. The most renowned of vampire slayers, Magiere, is ready to settle down with her half-elf partner Leesil. It all started when Bram and his sister began to notice the strange behavior of their caretaker, as people went missing in a neighboring village. The caretaker vanishes from their childhood only to reappear years later.

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This prequel to Dracula follows Bram Stoker himself in his face-off with the most terrifying of creatures. An origin story for the most famous and feared of the vampires. Riverboat captain Abner March can see plainly there is something wrong with the wealthy and pale Joshua York who has commissioned him for a ride up the Mississippi River.

28 Blood-Suckingly Good Vampire Books for Adults

But the promise of a brand new boat felt worth the risk. From the author of Game of Thrones , this is a chilling take of what a man will risk for immortality. A young girl fights to uncover her memories and discovers she is not girl at all, but a year-old vampire. Along with this discovery comes a flood of other memories of her former life, taking the reader into the depths of racism, sexism and other forms of hate and ignorance. By day Anita reanimates the dead, and by night she kills the undead. But then she has to join forces with master vampire Jean-Claude to solve a series of murders, and finds herself drawn to him.

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Romance and horror come together in hot adventures in this first Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter novel. The author of The Princess Diaries brings her quirky perspective to vampires with this first novel of the Insatiable series.

follow Heroine Meena is as over vampires as the rest of us, but is stuck in a job where she writes about them constantly. Then she meets Prince Lucien Antonescu, with a dark side that forces Meena to reconsider her position on the undead. The monster behind it all is no typical vampire.