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Claude Barnes, whom Green acknowledged as her former lover, testified that they had hired prostitutes for threesomes.

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Barnes also alleged the couple did drugs together during his testimony. The commission reportedly obtained hundreds of texts between Green and a bailiff for review.

Green admitted to using drugs, but denied ever soliciting the services of prostitutes. In February, the commission briefly interrogated Green. The commission asked the state Supreme Court to suspend Green in May, while it prepared a case to permanent remove her from the bench.

The Hard Way

Green will be suspended until a civil trial is held on whether to remove her from office, which could take years. Adrien Brody's character in Love The Hard Way reeks of writerly contrivances: A fast-talking, Kerouac-quoting hood with a poet's soul, he outwardly disdains uppity book-learning, but he secretly reads poetry, collects antique books, and works on an autobiographical novel.

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When Brody meets cute with vivacious college student Charlotte Ayanna, their path seems certain. Ayanna will bridge the gap between Brody's tough-guy veneer and sensitive interior, while Brody will add a dash of much-needed excitement and danger to her staid existence.

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Love The Hard Way begins like a predictably quirky romance-of-opposites, but then it defies expectations at every turn, showing a welcome disregard for the strictures of formula and genre. A romantic drama with a film noir's heart of darkness, the film crafts a heartbreaking love story out of self-degradation, sordid crime, and an extended trip to a personal abyss. We have featured a number of posts the last several weeks specific to social media issues, and I recommend them to you for your consideration.

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As a general matter, though, your employees need to realize that, even if off the clock, their actions outside your walls can reflect back on you just as much as their actions on the clock:. What can you do, beyond training and hoping that you hire great people? For starters, I recommend policies on off-work time conduct, especially for those employees who drive a company vehicle.

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  • As the line between professional and personal, work and play, and individual and corporate blur even further, employers need to keep their eyes on the ball.