The Left Side of the Screen: Communist and Left-Wing Ideology in Hollywood, 1929-2009

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The US-Mexico Border in American Cold War Film

Ironically, Elia Kazan stated that "the Communists violated the daily practices of democracy Consequently, it is evident that HUAC was undermined even during the prime of its influence. Lionel Stander stated that he "defied the committee using every constitutional amendment there was to keep them from shutting me up" and in so doing he contradicted almost every facet of the trials under the McCarthy period.

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Despite being released just over a year after the Cuban Missile Crisis, the Cold War satire ridiculed not just Russians, but more importantly American ambassadors, military personal, advisors and the President as they futilely tried to prevent a nuclear disaster. By criticising both sides equally, Dr Strangelove acts as an attack on the whole apparent absurdity of the Cold War consensus.

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However, by the s this was no longer necessary; the re-emergence of the unfriendly witness and original member of the Hollywood Ten, Dalton Trumbo, was marked by the fact that he was able to freely be acknowledged as being the screenwriter for the film Spartacus Kubrick, which president John F. Kennedy himself crossed picket lines to attend. Although the existence and the events surrounding films such as Spartacus would have severely sabotaged HUAC, it is true that it was not until the s when blacklisted screenwriters who used pseudonyms were finally credited with the films they had been involved in, consequently it is fair to view the s as the beginning of the end of the blacklist rather than the killing blow.

It depicted the aforementioned process of screenwriters writing under pseudonyms, the character of Howard Prince Woody Allen agrees to put his names on the scripts of blacklisted television writers firstly for the money, but later on because his primary goal is to stop people from being hurt by McCarthy and Prince is convinced it is the right thing to do.

Hall states that such revisionist texts existed to reflect the general consensus: that the tactics of the committee were wrong , it emerged at a time in which there was a very public shift in opinion and re-emergence of free speech regarding the politics of the s. Fried states that Cold War anxieties meant that America developed an obsession with domestic communism that outran the actual threat 77 , the political climate of the post war years created a collection of individuals that became convinced that Hollywood offered one of the best chances for subversives within America to undermine democracy and reach out to the public; the motives of the committee are thus questionable when arguing whether the cinema really did offer a genuine threat through propaganda.

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What’s it like being a conservative in Hollywood? Former Seinfeld star weighs in.

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